Quality Control Management (QC)

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Quality Management
Responsible for the following departments:
span style=”color: red;”>Quality Assurance Management (QA) span style=”color: red;”>Research and Development Management
This department’s mission is to develop a quality system and work procedures according to international quality systems, and
also to ensure following the international techniques in the pharmaceutical production. In addition to following the latest
(MOH & international pharmacopeias) updates, and continuously modifying the quality system according to these updates.
One of the major tasks of this management is to follow up all the company’s business technical quality, including production
to ensure that it matches the quality assurance system./td>
td style=”width: 50%;”>This department was established when the company was founded. It was equipped by importing all machines and devices
necessary to produce quantities of medicine for the research and development staged including stability study for quality
control department. R&D department is following the same approaches and methodologies followed in the production
department. The drugs are produced according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and international pharmacopeias
td style=”width: 50%;”>This department consists of three labs: Physical lab, tools and measurements lab and microbial lab.
The required devices were imported from the best international companies in this eld. These devices are calibrated regularly
according to specications to ensure test result which are conducted over the raw materials before going into the production

td style=”width: 50%;”>It is responsible for testing the systems used to develop or manufacture products. They measure, analyze and calibrate the
equipment and processed to ensure that the highest quality products are produced.

span style=”color: red;”> Quality Control Management (QC) span style=”color: red;”> Validation and Calibration Management